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What We’re All About

We as City Light Church believe that each of us is born with an inner sense that our lives are supposed to make a 
difference, to count for something in this world. Unfortunately, that sense of destiny is often beat down and all but lost in most of us.  It seems that the difficulties we encounter, the cares of this world, and many times our past religious experiences all converge on us until we are only living to survive or just get by.  We get by until the weekend, until the next paycheck, until the kids get out of the house, or until we can retire.  But that’s no way to live.  We believe in stewardship of our lives.  

We as City Light Church desire to awaken that sense of destiny, to foster it until the spark ignites into a flame that will grow into the fire of a life well lived.  We believe that as those flames join together, they will have a tremendous impact on our city.  

The community of City Light Church exists to help each 
of us grow in our relationship with Christ, to develop meaningful relationships with each other, and to embrace our true relationship to this lost world.